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Our cases are regularly covered in the media. When seeking expertise from a New York employment attorney, journalists also call on Kevin Mintzer to comment on matters involving employment law, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, among other topics. Our recent media appearances include the following:

How to Navigate 6 Tricky Work Situations

August 21, 2018

In a practical article discussing how employees should handle themselves when faced with difficult situations in the workplace, Real Simple magazine quotes Kevin Mintzer on the subject of when is the right time to inform human resources of a plan to resign or retire. (Spoiler: Not until you are ready to leave.)


Real Simple Magazine

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CBS News Accused of “Sexist Double Standards” in Discrimination Dispute

May 4, 2018

The Hollywood Reporter discusses the ongoing sex discrimination lawsuit between CBS News and a former associate director of the CBS Evening News, represented by Kevin Mintzer. The article extensively quotes Mr. Mintzer’s submission to the federal district court concerning evidence of CBS’ alleged gender bias and destruction of emails.

The Hollywood Reporter

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Taking on Harassment in Albany

March 29, 2018

The #MeToo movement has spurred policymakers to strengthen sexual harassment laws. On March 29, 2018, Kevin appeared as panelist on the NY1 program Inside City Hall to discuss Albany’s culture of harassment and the possibilities for reform.

Spectrum News – NY1

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Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Presents a Threat for Trump — Even if it Doesn’t Succeed

March 7, 2018

Kevin provides expert commentary to the New York Daily News concerning the latest volley in the ongoing legal fight between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels concerning the non-disclosure agreement that she signed shortly before the 2016 presidential election.

New York Daily News

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HR Is Not Your Friend. Here’s Why

February 17, 2018

In this deeply reported cover story by Fortune Magazine, Kevin helps to explain why employees should not expect their employer’s human resources department to be a source of support or encouragement when making a complaint of discrimination or harassment. Unfortunately,  the employer relations function of human resources is about corporate liability prevention, not employee assistance.


Fortune Magazine

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Klein asks JCOPE to investigate sexual harassment allegation

January 12, 2018

In this Politico story about the recent sexual harassment allegations against New York State Senate leader Jeffrey Klein, Kevin explains that the New York State Senate, as an employer, must investigate and can’t ignore a sexual harassment complaint against a senator, even if the complaint wasn’t made through official channels.



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From Hashtag to Legal Defense Fund: Hollywood Women Give Teeth to #MeToo

January 12, 2018

In this article about the new legal defense fund for victims of sexual harassment started by the leaders of the Time’s Up initiative, Kevin discusses the need for additional resources to fight sexual harassment against women in blue collar and less privileged positions.


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Governor Proposes Sexual Harassment Agenda, Details Scarce

January 3, 2018

In the wake of the metoo movement, federal, state and local governments are considering ways to improve protections against sexual harassment. In this article, Kevin and other lawyers evaluate recent proposals from New York’s governor.


New York Law Journal

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Former Associate Director of CBS Evening News Sues Network for Sex Discrimination and Retaliation

November 27, 2017

A long-time associate director of the CBS Evening News sues CBS for discrimination and harassment. She alleges that she was subject to sexually offensive comments by a high-ranking CBS executive, discriminatorily passed over for work assignments, and retaliated against when she complained of discrimination. Kevin represents the plaintiff in the federal court action.


New York Post




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Weinstein Company Now Probed by Attorney General

October 24, 2017

Kevin provides expert commentary to the New York Law Journal on the subject of the ongoing sexual harassment investigations concerning the film producer Harvey Weinstein and whether non-disclosure agreements should be legal as applied to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.


New York Law Journal

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