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Our cases are regularly covered in the media. When seeking expertise from a New York employment attorney, journalists also call on Kevin Mintzer to comment on matters involving employment law, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, among other topics. Our recent media appearances include the following:

Brooklyn DA Promotes Controversial Aide

July 29, 2023

The New York Post has reported on our successful representation of  Joshua Zuckerman, a former Assistant District Attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Mr. Zuckerman brought a claim against the D.A. and several high-ranking members of his staff, alleging that he was unlawfully retaliated against for blowing the whistle about unsafe health and safety practices in the office.  “The Brooklyn DA and his senior managers do not understand the law they are sworn to uphold. Whistleblowers should not be retaliated against, and the DA, of all people, should know this,” Zuckerman’s attorney, Laura Koistinen, told the Post.

The New York Post

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Lawsuit Accuses Former Associate of Harvey Weinstein of Rape

April 7, 2023

Sara Ziff, the executive director of the Model Alliance, has filed a lawsuit under the Adult Survivors Act alleging that she was raped by Fabrizio Lombardo, a close associate of Harvey Weinstein. Ms. Ziff has also sued Disney, Miramax and Harvey Weinstein for negligently supervising Lombardo. Ms. Ziff spoke about the lawsuit in an exclusive interview with the New York Times. She is represented by the Law Office of Kevin Mintzer P.C. and Wigdor LLP.

New York Times

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Harvey Weinstein’s Legal Battles Expand on Both Coasts

February 9, 2023

The Hollywood Reporter covers our recent victory on behalf of Kaja Sokola, who has alleged that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old, and that his employers, Disney and Miramax, negligently supervised Weinstein. In a comprehensive decision that is the first of its kind, the trial court denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss. Kevin Mintzer and co-counsel made the following statement: “Today, the Court’s decision corrected an erroneous federal court interpretation of New York law on negligent supervision that has contributed to the denial of justice to Weinstein survivors and other sexual assault survivors. We look forward to proceeding to discovery and trial on Ms. Sokola’s claims.”

The Hollywood Reporter

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Doctor Alleges Pay Discrimination, Sexual Harassment at Brooklyn Methodist Emergency Department

July 11, 2022

Crain’s New York business reports on the lawsuit filed by an emergency room physician at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, who has alleged that she was subject to sexual and racial harassment, equal pay violations and unlawful retaliation. The physician is represented by Kevin Mintzer and Laura Koistinen.

Crain’s New York Business (subscription required)

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Fox News Under Investigation Over Ex-Host Melissa Francis’ Retaliation and Gender Discrimination Claims

December 9, 2021

Mediaite and the Daily Beast report on our representation of former Fox News and Fox Business News host and anchor Melissa Francis, who has filed a charge with the Department of Labor alleging retaliation for opposing Fox News’ unequal pay practices.  Kevin Mintzer, Francis’ lawyer, told The Daily Beast, “Ms. Francis filed a charge with the New York State Department of Labor because Fox News has not changed and continues to discriminate and retaliate against women, including those who seek equal pay for equal work.”


The Daily Beast

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Ex-model who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault speaks out

September 24, 2021

Kevin Mintzer speaks to the New York Daily News about his representation of one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims. “Unlike all of the other civil claims against Weinstein that have been forced into an unfair bankruptcy process, our client has the opportunity to seek justice in court against Weinstein as well as his many corporate enablers, including Disney and Miramax,” Mintzer said.

New York Daily News

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Cuomo violated state and federal laws, report finds, but will he be charged with a crime?

August 4, 2021

NBC News asks us to explain the significance of the New York State Attorney General’s report in any future criminal case against Andrew Cuomo. “I don’t believe a criminal prosecution can rely on the report. The prosecutor has a burden of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt,” Kevin Mintzer, a New York attorney who has represented women in sexual harassment cases, said. “A prosecutor can’t go in and wave the investigators’ case and say, ‘Case closed.’ That’s not how it works.”

NBC News

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Cuomo is under criminal investigation and could face lawsuits

August 3, 2021

The New York Times asks Kevin Mintzer about the possibility that Andrew Cuomo could face criminal charges as well as civil liability for sexual harassment. “It’s a fact that workplace touching and groping is not usually criminally prosecuted,” Mr. Mintzer said. “Whether or not that’s the way it should be is a separate issue.”

New York Times

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Cuomo: making someone ‘feel uncomfortable’ is not harassment

May 13, 2021

The New York Daily News asks Kevin Mintzer, “a Manhattan attorney who has represented several women in high-profile sexual misconduct cases,” to comment about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest sexual harassment defense. Mintzer explained that Cuomo’s comments have “nothing to do with the law. It has to do with political communications and spin and, honestly, it’s deception. . . . Sexual harassment is not defined as whether or not the perpetrator intended to make someone uncomfortable.”

New York Daily News

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‘Apprentice’ Contestant Can Proceed With Trump Suit After Court Ruling

March 30, 2021

In light of a court decision that a former contestant on the The Apprentice may proceed with her defamation suit against the former president, Kevin Mintzer speaks to the New York Times about the likelihood that he will have to answer questions under oath concerning the many accusations of sexual misconduct against him.

New York Times

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